Making a Custom Sticker with the AR Emoji Sticker App

phone-share.jpg Select the + Make Custom Stickers to create a custom sticker with your current emoji or by adding more emojis to the scene.

Your current emoji will automatically appear within the scene. Here you can create a new emoji or continue customizing a new sticker with your current emoji. Notice the row of options at the bottom; which include, adding a background, posing your emoji face and body, smaller and cute sticker accessories, and the ability to customize your own text message within the actual sticker.

For this presentation, we will select the+ Create new emoji.

phone-share3.jpg Just like building your first emoji, the steps are similar. You can either make a selfie emoji, select a picture from your gallery, or select the arrow to Add this emoji. By scrolling left or right, you can also select form other pre-made emojis to start with. We will continue by selecting the arrow to Add this emoji.
phone-share4.jpg Give your emoji a look and style and when completed, select the Next in the upper right hand corner.

When the process is all complete, your new second emoji is placed into the scene. You can have up to 18 different emojis to select from; however, only 2 emojis can be placed into the scene at a time.


You can select and move your emoji around in the scene, and then add in the rest of the details like a background, or personalized text. After you have everything just right, select Save.

phone-share6.jpg By selecting Save, the customized sticker is placed in the All tab on the first page. You can also refine the search even further by just selecting the Custom tab, which brings you to all your customized stickers. By selecting any one of them, you can then share with others.
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